12th nov's result & chances of getting calls

In total, I got 138.8 points . My percentiles are quants-83.06, P.S-80.24 and Verbal 80.25. Will I get call from Accenture ??


Sure you’ll get call … could you tell me what is your score in individual sections ?

Is there any job opening for Accenture?

My percentiles are slightly decreased…

from where and how did you prepare for problem solving?

My percentile was also decreased today. Why is this?

I solved the 3 multiplication problems and another 3 questions of P.S. means I m sure about 6 problems of P.S. but 2 -3 qns i couldn’t solve correctly still I guessed and given the ans… I don’t understand how they evaluated the score bcz I got 30 in P.S.