10th memo original is submitted in college.WILL IT BE A PROBLEM TO TAKE pH test?

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Hello everyone !Iam Simpi pursuing my IV BTech in ECE.
This is going to be my first pH test this Sunday,
I have received my admit card today.I found that we need to reproduce the original certificates of our marks memos.So in this regard ,i wanted to say that ,as i have submitted my original 10th memo in the college,i cannot get my orginal memo of 10th class at the time of verification of pH test center.So kindly suggest me a solution.Can we show our xerox copy of 10th memoin the exam centre?

My second question is based on the type of companies recruit through elitmus pH test .Is it only the software companies or even the hardware/core companies recruit?(as Iam from ECE branch).

question 1:
It’s manditory to show your original certificates on the exam so you have don’t carry urs originals then result was hold on and when u show the original that time ur result is release

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Hello Pottabathini !
Thanks for such a quick reply.
As we are engineering students ,our original memo of 10th marks shall ne re-idsued to all of us only in the day we graduate. So does it mean that my upcoming all pH test score shall be put into hold till I complete my graduation?

u can request ur college authorities to return it to u for the purpose of elitmus and after ur exam u can resubmit it to the college

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Hello Mansi !
Thank you very much for the advice.I have asked my college authorities and they have permitted me to take my memo for a day out .
Thanks once again .!:slight_smile:

And unknowingly I happened to enter the wrong 10th marks in my profile of Elitmus.So is the percentage printed on my hall ticket .Can it be changed later ?Will it cause any issue to my exam ?

nothig dn’t worry, u can change, there are provide space to rewrite ur percentage in admit card. During the elitmus exam

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Thanks once again Pottabathini… Blesses to have your all people’s advice at the right time … :innocent:

I have filled wrong marks of 10th mistakenly now I want to change then how can I change

I have filled wrong details in profile education 10th marks mistakenly filled wrong by me now I want to change them how can I change