Zscaler | Associate Software Engineer | 2019

I gave the coding round for Zscaler on 16/12/2018. After that I did not receive any notification confirming whether I have been selected for further rounds or not neither through mail nor through elitmus. Has anyone received further communication from the company? If so please decscribe the communication message that you received.

Even I haven’t received any further info.

My status on profile just shows confirmed. What does your profile show for ZScaler?


Does anyone got result of zscaler home coding round (16 december2018)?


No… How questions did u guys solve and any idea of how many min. Questions to be solved to get a call.? @vishal_3600984 and @guru_3530628

I solved 1 ques completly and 1 partial
How many ques did you solve?

Around 13 questions in apptitude

It was mentioned after the test that quantitive test can be given again on 15 Jan, what does this mean? Anyone got confirmation for the next round

can you please give the details of the exam format?
Is it just a coding test or a combination of quantative-verbal-coding?

3 coding ques. In c programming language in 90 minutes and 16 quantitative ques. In 25 minutes

Did anyone got any update from zscaler?


inform if anyone of you get any news…thanks

I was able to solve all the coding questions but still I have not got any call from zscaler.

Did anyone receive any update from zscaler?


Did anyone receive any update from zscaler?

if yes pls inform coz my coding round went very good…then too no info.