Anybody got shortlisted for its test??

Yes. I got shortlisted for the coding test.

I got shortlisted for coding round too.

The test link is in the admit card itself.

How many questions did you guys solved?

and u guys??

1 array all cases
Subsequence 3 cases
Treasure hunt nahi hua

Any chances??
And how about you guys

2 complete …3rd only one test case passed

Anyone got any confirmation from the company after coding test?


When will I get call from zetwerk for interview

Zetwerk, interview call anyone?

Hey wht were the questions?

Can you please tell me abt the questions asked?

did anyone got call after the coding rounds?

No…till now no info

Not yet! hope they notify soon!

Does anyone hear back from zetwerk?

Not yet… it’s taking so long.

this has happened second time…

i have given coding test for zscaler too… its been 2 months but no response from them …now the same from zetwerk…