Did anyone else get the call for this company? It is Chandigarh

Yup bro jus right now…u too received it right now

i got. now i am confused,its too far from my home town

yeah just now… I live in Delhi so yes it is possible for me to go but I am not sure about the difficulty level and all.

Difficulty level is medium…jus be prepared and Den go…not jus like that …waste of money and time

Which subjects to be prepared

ya man plzz tell what to prepare for, i have already attended 3 events of different companies and all rejected me.
thats sad and humiliating

Jus prepare well wat u know well…any language u know Da best

I too got the call but still confused. From reviews it looks difficult to clear all rounds.

Please share your ph score becoz I didn’t get call

Anyone going frm delhi

Still thinking…

I guess yes…

@saket_3361725 my ph was 88% in quant, 91% in ps, 71% in verbal.

I’ve attended it through AMCAT. there were 2 online rounds before F2F interview. if you know linux and basics of data structures , you’ll be able to make it through.

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I m confused about this company… because it is founded in 2014 & its size is only 50 employees & moreover 24 months bond
is it good company or not

I am declining the call.

i am from delhi and going to Chandigarh for attending the interview

Ok i too going from delhi for interview

I attended 11 interviews and everywhere rejected. Don’t be so hopeless. Let’s work on technical skills. I am not going to Chandigarh for Xenonstack as I am not expert in Java. I am still studying the concepts of Java and Algorithms, Data Structures. Its better to decline if you are not confident of your technical skills. Its waste of time and money to go so far.

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