Wrong interview location

By mistake i have selected an incorrect interview location. Since, there is no option to edit it so as far as I know I’ll have to decline the interview call and mark the reason as incorrect location so that the company can select me for further drives(if any) in my preferred location. Is there a possibility that I will be short listed for the same drive on the same date in my city?

Hi Kashika,
Yes, you will be shortlisted later. But the problem will be that your application will have the wrong location, so you might get the call for the wrong location again.

If you can apply afresh for the new drive, then its good, but if the same application is considered then there could be a problem.
Did you try calling the eLitmus helpline?

Thanks for the response Wali. I have still not tried calling the elitmus helpline. I will surely do very soon.