Will there Be any Jobs In Hyderabad for freshers ? and the Interview Location also Hyderabad

Hi guys i am living in Hyderabad . I am looking forward to attend the interview’s in Hyderabad . But only few company is showing up . Is there any company will hire for hyderabad location .

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We don’t know which companies will be conducting drives in Hyderabad.
Here 90% of companies conduct events in Bangalore.

If possible try to move to Bangalore temporarily. You will get a lot of chances.

Speaking of freshers, I am worried as I don’t see jobs for 2017 now. Companies have started hiring 2018 and remaining jobs are for experienced.

Do you think there will be more job opportunities for freshers in upcoming days? Since most of the hirings are being carried out for 2018 batch? @wali_3319673

I should have been appeared for elitmus before. As I see that now there are lot of opportunities for 2018 but not for 2017 batch.

Yes, there will be job for 2017. Since this is the end of 7th semester, companies are focusing to hire interns. As soon as it is over 2017 events should start again.
Some companies are still taking 2016 so lets keep our hopes high. :slightly_smiling_face:

@harshad_3331332 I made the same mistake bro. I took elitmus after completing graduation.
eLitmus should be taken during the final year.
Whats done is done, we can’t cry over spilled milk. Just keep tying.
You, me and many of us are in the same boat.

Thank you, Hope for the best now. :blush:

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