Will I get the Call from iQuanti for QA id my pH is 246.84 overall. My academic is 80+ overall?

I want to know if I may get interview all for iQuanti. Any one who have an idea?


But its event is on 30th of this month, still I didnt get the call

Sometimes they send calls just 1 - 2 days before, so have patience.
When did you apply?

I applied the day this job was posted. I can’t be patient buddy . Just because they send the interview call 1-2 days before. It gets impossible for me to reach banglore. This time I was thinking tk pre book the tickets and leave early so that I don’t miss any chance

That will be a big issue bro.
I also faced that. I applied to companies and thought that I will come to Bangalore only when I get calls, but I noticed that majority of the time they send calls at the last minute, So I missed many opportunities and then decided to live in Bangalore.

Where do you stay?

@wali_3319673 same situation got me.

I stay in pune

Anyone got call?


Can you share your scores, sectional percentile?

Apt. 87, PS. 96.75, VR. 79