Will I get any interview offer?

HI, based on my scores, will i get any calls?

Very less chance bro.
Score is less in Verbal and PS.
Try to score 90+ in all sections.

I got the following percentiles:
logical- 50.8
will i get any calls ?

50 percentile in logical is low.
Logical is an important sections and that is want companies see most of the time.

Verbal 45.00 49.94
Problem Solving 11.25 54.20
Quantitative 22.50 71.25

please tell me is there any chance to get interview call ?

No. You score is very less.
You have to take the test again and try to score above 90 percentiles in all sections.
Take some time, prepare well and then only take the test. Don’t hurry.
All the best!

so can you tell me the timeline for appearing for elitmus again?

There are no limitations.
You can take the test whenever you want, any number of times you want.