Will i get a call from samsung interview on 22 nd april 17, where i am going to write the ph test this sunday

I am Writing the ph exam on sunday 14-04-2017
the samsung interview is dated on 22-04-2017
will i get the score before 22 and will samsung see my score

your score will be generated after 2 or 3 days. and Samsung will be able to see your score once it’s released

Were you able to write the ph test today scheduled for futher evaluation by samsung ?? coz I too had the call letter saying I need to appear for ph test on 16th april (sunday). but yesterday 1 elitmus guy called me over my phone and said that it was a technical error from our side , and you don’t need to appear for the ph test since you have already appeared once. plz reply soon sridhar_3333922 so that I could know if i was fooled by elitmus team.

Yeah i wrote the exam today but i didnt get any call letter as well as any call from elitmus.
this was my first ph exam . if u have already written the exam, then there is no need for you to write again,

what is minimum percentile to get call from samsung…

I have a question…in which criteria company calls you …the total score or total percentile.??..

it depends on every company
some see percentile
some see the only the preferred section which they need the student to be enlarged or talented in

How can your total percentile be above 100? Are you like adding up your percentiles of all the 3 subjects? If so, that’s not how it is supposed to be calculated.
You may add up the scores to calculate the total score though.
Also, percentiles keep varying. Scores are more important.

This has to be the question of the day (maybe month also).

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