Why was my profile percentage decreased?

My profile percentage was decreased from 91 to 71,I don’t understand what caused that,please help

Hi Anushka,

Percentile is the measure of you score with other candidates. It is like a rank.
91 percentile meant you were better 91% of all time test takers.

So, if with the course of time, candidates keep scoring better than you, you percentiles will keep dropping.
I hope you understand.

Thankyou so much for the reply,but I wasn’t talking about the percentile which was awarded after I got my scorecard,I am talking about the percentage that u get on completing the profile,I have attached a screenshot below,it went from 91 to 71,what was the reason behind it and how do I improve it again?


@anushka Yes. This happened with me too. I edited my profile again then too, it isn’t increasing.

Your resume expires every 30 days. Make sure you keep updating it.

The screenshot you attached is not opening.
As Bharath said, upload/update your resume, and it will increase.
Also check any other fields which are incomplete.

Alright,thank you once again,just wanted to ask one last thing,i couldn’t attend 2 of the recruitment drives i had applied for as my end semester exams were going on and had to decline it and I have one no show as well(because the organisation clearly stated to not attempt the test if the college doesn’t allow full time Internship during last semester),so this probably couldn’t be the reason for the decrease in the Profile percentage right or does this lower my chances for future shortlisting?

No Shows or rejecting interview calls do not decrease profile percentage.
But please avoid no shows as it could affect future shortlisting.

I have 2 no shows, will it affect my future calls.
Can I expect calls from now?