Why interview location of delhi is rare here..?

eLitmus should do some thing regarding this. 90% of interviews are scheduled in Bangalore or Hyderabaad or Chennai. But the case is too rare for Delhi as an option. It becomes difficult for us (majorly north Indians and specially girls) to just go for one interview to south India. There should be equal opportunity in Delhi also.So that , in case we get selected then it doesn’t matter what the job location is.


But the thing is that companies have vacancies in those particular locations only and eLitmus can not do anything in that. And as far as you are concerned, you are looking for a job so you should be confident enough to travel to places, don’t see these things as barrier. One have to be flexible if looking for a job, because we are in need.
I am telling you these things because I also moved to Banglore, just for job. I travel Chennai, Hyderabad, Madurai and many more places for off-campus and walk-ins.
Good Luck!

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I understand one should go and grab the opportunity… Not only you but many girls now a days are moving to South in search of jobs. But this Elitmus adda is a place where one can tell about problems, so that they make it more convenient and a better platform for people who are appearing for test… so , I hope if they could work on just scheduling equal interviews in Delhi so that central region people are at ease… I am just talking abt interview… after that whatever may b the job location .

First of all, don’t take it personally.
You wanted to know my marks,its 153.
This adda is student’s discussion platform, so I replied/suggested.
If you really want to discuss this issue and suggest eLitmus, then you should mail them at help@elitmus.com or call them if possible.

Ok Nidhi…m genuinely thanking u for telling this… because I thought beside students the Elitmus committee also read these issues.
I didn’t want to tell this here,but I had some financial issues so cannot afford to travel this long n stay in hotel. And the same case is wid many of my frnds who are in Delhi… so I thought to raise this issue.

When you tap on your profile in adda for notifications, you will see a link “Suggestions to improve adda”.
Post your suggestion/idea over there,it will help. Because there eLitmus team reads the post.
I understand your problem, but if you get calls from accenture,webyog like companies then don’t miss it. And the plus point is, women candidates are preferred forbthe ongoing drives.
I hope you get job soon.
All the best!

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Thanku so much.
And same to you.

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Yeah shweta u r ryt m also having same issue
In accenture drive I bookes tickets nd after dat drive is postponed due to some issue nd dan in cancellation I suffered a great loss

I m nt blaming any one bt interviews should held in North india also

I am too from Delhi I wasted my three months waiting for an opportunity in Delhi…elitmus is a Bangalore based company and have tie ups with various companies that are in Bangalore… after giving elitmus go and spend some times in Bangalore…
P.s- only after a week in Bangalore I am placed in CGI

What was your score…?

Verbal- 71
Prob SL.- 38
Quant- 50

what if you don’t have enough economical support for your travel expenses??
this not the point, elitmus should look upon on this. there should be more job scopes in delhi gurgaon based candidates.