Who all are appearing for Principal Global 25 June drive?

Please confirm how many of you attending interview on 25th in Pune ?

I’m attending…whats ur score?

Score ?
Does it matter ?

Dude im asking,…to have an idea of the cutoff marks

I have got the call…


I am still deciding whether I should appear for 25th June drive for Principal Global. I stay in Delhi. BUT very likely I will appear for the interview.

Got a call today. Does anybody know what their procedure is ? I saw through the mail provided by elitmus that the student that were placed last year were all from Maharashtra or rather Pune colleges .

100 percentile? Are you kidding? Technically and Practically not possible. Sit in Google and Facebook man. #OkaySorry

Lol. Dude. Common. You are fooling yourself if you think only you’re in the room knowing what percentile actually is. :joy: I think you should learn the word Sarcasm. What does that mean, rather than telling me what actually is required to get into Google Facebook. Everyone knows that ■■■■ man. Grow up.:joy:

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  1. Searched* (not search)
  2. Difference “between” (not or) Percentile and Percentage*
  3. You must be clear that, there is a guy in each and every test of ELitmus, who scores a perfect 100 followed by 99.9 and so on. * (Can’t correct your entire statement so wrote a new one. :stuck_out_tongue: )
  4. Sarcasm doesn’t suit anyone. :joy:
    Post Script:- Try schooling again man. I doubt your percentile in Verbal section. Lol.

Now the boy came for some real chat â– â– â– â– â– .

First, I do not showcase my strengths and capabilities in front of people on various blogs. It was you just boasted about his scores on a platform like this.

Second, I don’t judge people like you did when you said, I am a job seeker and you already have so many offers.

Grow up buddy rather than just show casing people what do you know and boasting about yourself.

I am satisfied with what I have done and what I am doing right now so I don’t feel like raising an argument and quarrel like immature ones.

Stop being so judgemental about girls when just like you compared me with them. Go, take your GitHub codes, IBM finale outputs and offers and throw it in garbage and learn some manners. :slight_smile:


Sorry bro…but it’s principal …not principle…Be presentable enough…I always judge a book by it’s cover…coz nobody is ■■■■■■ enough to read that book


Bhai, he deleted his posts. Such a coward he is.

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Bro whats ur score in elitmus ?? my score is 130 and got a call .I am from Delhi . Doesn’t able to decide whether to go or not.please reply

I got a call from Pricipal for 25th June drive. Do they offer a developer position or only QA position?

I am attending

I too live in Delhi, but not sure if to attend the interview or not. Anyway, if you are attending, please message me on 8860037027.

bhai kese ja rha by train or by flight??

I was shortlisted in my college for pgs,but unfortunately I had not cleared the process and I again applied for PGS,my question is will they again call me?