Which score is chosen if I took elitmus more than once?

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I took elitmus test twice.

1st Test Percentile
Verbal 73.81
Problem Solving 21.40
Quantitative 72.27

2nd Test Percentile
Verbal 94.64
Problem Solving 74.37
Quantitative 45.34

I am quite disappointed and tensed because of this. If anyone could give me correct guidance, I would appreciate that.

It looks like your Second Score is better so it will be chosen.
But you score in Quants is low.

Don’t be disappointed and stressed. eLitmus is a tough test and not every cracks it in their first try.
I know a lot of people who have taken the test more than 3 times.

What went wrong?
You improved a lot in Problem Solving. I’m guessing you mismanaged time in your second test, spent more on PS and missed Quants.

Don’t worry. You can do it!
Take some time, prepare well.

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