When will i get calls?

My ph score is-
verbal - 92.99
Qaunts- 73.94
problem solving- 66.66
My total score is 150.

Are there any chances of getting calls and which are the possible companies which can call for interviews on this score?

My ph score quant 95% verbal 40% PS 98.5% can I get call

You might not get 100% of calls with your score. Score is a bit low in PS.
If you are 2018 batch, you can expect calls. Accenture, Mindtree will definitely call you.

Good score, you will get calls. But since your verbal is low some companies (a very few) might not call you.

I have a score of 326.25 overall. A percentile of 99.95, 99.18 and 96.82 in VA, PS and QA respectively. And I still have no calls yet. So, just let that sink in for a moment and then think about how much a pH score really matters to companies. Your overall profile should be good and you should be from CS/IT in order to get good calls. An average pH above 75 percentile will do just fine. So chill! Worry about your profile not the pH. Your pH is good. PS matters to companies more. So, try to score better in PS next time if you decide to go for a 2nd attempt.

What are my chances to get a call
my percentile is
verbal: 71
prob solving : 80
quantitative : 92
and my overall score is : 153.75

P.S : I am 2017 passout