When OCT 16 results gets declared?

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Hi Guys,

I am a 2015 passed out. I have given ph test recently on oct16. But result is not declared yet. I am unable to apply for jobs till I get score. Do anyone have idea when oct16 results get declared. As I am 2015 passed out I feel I am running out of oppurtunities. Till what time 2015 passed will have chance to get placed. Please help me out in this regard. Someone please help me about the result and oppurtunities for 2015 passed outs till what time 2015 passed outs can have chances.

Sai Krishna


For results wait till next week.
There are many oppurtunities for your batch as well as I have noticed that companies are recruiting 2014/2015/2016 batch. In fact some companies are recruiting for your batch only. And in case you have experience, then too there are oppurtunities through Elitmus.
Don’t worry,score good and hope for the best.


Thanks alot nidhi. :slight_smile: It means alot. Do you have any idea of what companies ask for. I have good knowledge in C. And I have one more doubt whether trainee software engineer will be considered as experience. I was a trainee software engineer in a company. There due to business problems training got extended to one year. So I got fed up and was relieved as trainee. I have good coding knowledge in C. Is it sufficient or do we need to learn any other languages


As far as I know it should be considered as experience. Although good grasp on any coding language is sufficient to ■■■■■ an interview,but till the time you are not getting job keep learning. Improve your skills and stand out from crowd.
All the best!