What is pH test?


pH Test stands for “Hiring Potential” test. All candidates applying for entry level jobs through eLitmus should have a pH Test score to be considered by companies.

This test is one of the most researched analytical reasoning and algorithmic thinking test in the world and has helped companies reduce wrong hires by 90+%. The test measures one’s natural ability rather than their ability to learn by rote.

The test is used to assess engineers and its results are valid across a multitude of industries - Analytics, Automobile, Infrastructure, IT, Manufacturing. Additionally in sectors like Advisory, Consulting and Investment banking - the test is used to assess MBA students in addition to Engineers.

The test has a minimal knowledge component with “all formulae provided in the question paper”. This is because in the era of google, there is no premium in remembering a formula or some information. The key is to apply it.

To best understand the pH Test philosophy visit the link pH Test Introduction for candidates

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