What is my chances of getting call from companies? my score is in the attachment and I have throughout 70%+ in academics

You should retake the exam ,your score is too less to get a call from any company (pH score must be 120+).Since you have academics 70+ this won’t hamper you from getting call so prepare again and give the exam.
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If you need help in preparing, please read my post here-

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You should retake test with full preparations.
And scoring 150 marks is really too easy.Just you need a good strategy, plus you should prepare all three sections. Go through syllabus well. English / verbal is too easy and you can refer any standard English Grammer and comprehension book. (I referred plinth to Paramount publications). Do not give lot of time(both preparations and exams) to English as it is easy. Reasoning and quantitative is really head scratching and good preparations and good aptitude are really required. Do not waste too much time on one question , practice data sufficiency type questions , puzzles on which more than 3questions are based. But attempt puzzles in last as if you could not get through it will waste lot of time. RS Agrawal book is good but I do not find them up to mark for both quantitative and reasoning . Try some other better books

My total score is 127.50 Verbal- 84.14, PS-80.11, Quants-63.69 and I have 70%+ in academics.
Will i get call for interview??

From most of companies you are likely to get call , also depends on your academics