What do i do? Mindtree Junior Engineer or Wait and apply for further jobs?

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I got job offer from Mindtree on 6th Feb’18 for the post Junior Engineer.I have Immediate joining on 17th Feb’18. It has a service agreement of 2years. What do you guys suggest, Should i go for it or should i appear upcoming drives. pH score= 43,74,95 in Verb,PS,Quants respectively.

See the job description of junior engineer given in that job post.
If you have interest in that then join it.
Otherwise wait.
For example, I love doing coding and want to pursue career in that. Hence, for me this job profile of Junior Engineer is not suitable.

Do look at ur interest and hence decide.

All the best!!!

thank you

hi sourav,
could you please tell the selection procedure of mindtree junior engineer role?