What are the technical questions asked in CGI

I need to know the the technical questions asked in CGI Technical interview for freshers


Have you got call for interview ? if so whats your eLitmus score ?

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120, today i had aptitude and GD round i need to prepare for technical rounds for tomorrow

You should also check glassdoor page of CGI for interview experience. As per me they might ask basic technical questions with average difficulty & communication skills, how you present yourself to the interviewer would have more impact also know your CV well. ATB

I had also applied so wanted to know regarding this. Thanks.

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Nobody really knows the process of getting a call from CGI through elitmus. It is pure luck based I guess. Because, one of my friend who got minimum marks in elitums got a call and on the contrary most of the people like you who have good elitmus score, still didn’t get a call. So, if the luck is yours, there is a chance. All the best and don’t lose hope. If you don’t get a call from CGI, you can try for other companies.

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how much does ur frnd gottt

no sir,I think they call the candidate who has done well in the problem-solving section.
because I met the guy at CGI Bangaloree centre who got -ve marks in aptitude section.
also if your score in verbal is >50%ile …then definitely you will get a call from CGI.

what ur hes scoree