What are my chances to get a good job?

Ill be a passout in 2017. Btech ECE

My scores are
Verbal 84.76 percentile
Problem Solving 72.52 percentile
Quant 71.79 percentile

Gave the exam two weeks back.
Which companies might call me?
Any ideas, peeps?

Mine is 97.6in logical. 92.4 in quant and 43in verbal… i have been called by 3 companies by now…i m also from 17 batch. Based on my experience on adda…u may get calls…keep applying

Thank you :slight_smile:
But maybe mostly companies focus on quant, they called you for the interviews
Lets hope for the best in my case :smiley:

yeah…keep applying…u may get calls…bt i would suggest give one more try nd score well in quant nd ps…

I got 99.6 in ps and 84 in quant. What are my probable chances

your score is pretty decent. You will get lot of calls