What are my chances? Shoud I reappear?

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I’v got 98 percentile in english 92 in LR and 76 in Quant.
Will I get any calls or should I reappear?
I’ve done my Btech from CSE
I had above 85% in 10th and 12th.


when did u write your test?

Your scores are very good.
You will get a call, don’t worry.
Till then work on your technical skills.
All the best!

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6th August

Hope so. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

in which city did u write the test…i worte it on the same day and i haven’t got results yet


Score is good enough to get calls from companies. Be prepared with data structures, C, Core Java, OOPS, Algorithms, DBMS, etc. Work on technical skills. Standards set for selection of freshers are high these days.

Do you know any good sources to prepare data structures from? I’m not very good at DS programs.

This is the best place to learn ds. Have a look.


Yes, of course. Gfg has everything.!

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Do you know Ravindrababu Ravula?
Watch his videos on Algorithms and Data Structures
Not many videos but they are excellent. It will definitely make DS interesting.
Good luck! :+1:t4:

Saved to playlists. Will watch them for sure. Thanks :slight_smile:

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