What are my chances of getting interview calls?

Branch ECE

Quantitative is negative so less chance
You may appear for pH test again
And be cautious of negative marking

What happened bro???
94 in Logical and 14 in Quant?

Did you spend all your time in Logical and just guessed Quants in the last minute?

You have to reappear bro.
Most companies have high Quant cut-offs like 75+ up to 90+.

My score is similar to you, slightly lower in VA, PS, but due to only 70% in Quants, I don’t get many calls.

Any chance from Accenture at this score?

Have you applied?

If your college is in their list then only you will get the call.

I think college location also matters in addition to college name in Accenture list as my college is on the list but of Noida and Delhi branch,
I am from Lucknow branch which is not on the list, so status is still applied.

You won’t get the call bro. No use waiting.
Not in the list means NO.

Hi I got 55% in quants, 79% in problem solving, 81% in verbal. Total marks 121. I am from ee do I get any calls. To which company I should apply.