What are my chances in geting calls?

I have got 96 percentile in PS but my scores are very poor in english and quant.Would i be shorlisted for companies?
My academics are Xth 89.3% 12th 83.2% and BTech(CSE) 7.58.

how much percentile in quant

should i give the test again

Hi Rideep,
yes, please take time and do a better preparation. Take the test again, aim to score 80 to 90 percentiles in all sections.
Your academics are really good.
Do not worry much about verbal score. The most important sections are PS and Quants.
Keep both above 85.

@wali_3319673 I m planning to give it in 15 july.Will it be too late then.Do good companies(>6 lpa) hire after july?

Of course, companies will hire 2018 freshers till October-November

What are my chances to get a call my percentile is
verbal: 71
prob solving : 80
quantitative : 92
and my overall score is : 153.75
P.S : I am 2017 passout

Your score is good to get calls. However, jobs for 2017 are less now-a-days. If you see any job post, please apply and give your best shot.
All the best.

Thank you… :relaxed: