Webyog Tech support

Anyone got the interview call letter for tech support engineer which is to be held on 25th September

can anyone tell what ph score they will be asking for webyog tech support…??

is it a bpo job?
seems so

kind of…

night shifts

Verbal: 30.1
Logical: 67.38
Quantitative: 85.27

M i Eligible for the upcoming drives?

U may not get the call for Webyog Tech Support coz ur Verbal score is less.For tech supprt they only consider verbal section score .

i have 72 marks in verbal…will i get the call…???

I have my scores and percentiles as below for the 18th september test:
Quant: 22. Percentile :71%
Problem Solving: 70 marks .Percentile: 97%
Verbal :130 marks. Percentile: 97%

What are my chances? Also is there any info about the job or the comnpany?

And what about the Accenture drive …I haven’t got any notification about that , it is showing “Applied”

they had this drive before also in delhi and that time they cancelled and I think this time they will also cancel

what is the selection procedure in webyog techsupport???

I had got the call for Accenture Associate role.I can tell u my score for verbal n PS above 90 % n quants 78%

Telephonic interview as told by the HR. Yup I had a conversation with her.

Hey chandra, can u please tell me what type of questions they ask in written test…

Written which exam ur talking about?

there is a written test firstly …right?

Any of you guys got the call for the webyog drive happening this Sunday?? I got the call of the previous drive which was cancelled but I am still waiting the interview call for this drive…

No idea, Buddy.

has anyone got an interview call from webyog for the 25th september drive in banglore??