Webyog interview for QA

Anyone have applied for webyog for quality assurance engineer?

Yup I did

how much was ur score in elitmus???

Have you got any mail for interview?

What is your score @swati and @akansha …Bcz i just got my result and i am looking to apply for webyog

And also does anyone have any information regarding how the interview process will be conducted? and what are the areas they focus on ?

what is ur score bro???

Verbal- 95.22%ile
Problem Solving - 94.86%ile
Quant- 93.70%ile

Do you have any idea abt webyog interview processs @nishith_3155590

from where have u prepared for elitmus???

bro if u have descent percentile then dont worry too much about interview.

For english just regular reading of newspapers and for quant -Arun sharma book and i solve puzzles regularly
so thats it…do you have any idea abt webyog interview process ?

So is my percentile decent ?

from where u solve puzzles and can u tell me ur total marks u obtained???if it is more than 150 then u have a fair chance of getting interview calls from most of the companies…for interview jst prepare urself according to ur resume…and get a deep knowledge of ur final year project.

yup ur percentile is descent

Total score -216 …For puzzles …i have a book for Bank po exams …so i practised from there

bro u banged!!! dont worry about interview u will easily get selected,tell me the name of the book.

Its a Disha publication book which has previous 32 years solved papers for sbi/ibps …you can easily find it on amazon

You will definitelu get.Dont worry

You know abt the inteview process of webyog?