Waiting for results (20th Aug)

Is there anyone who is still waiting for results of 20th Aug? My friends have got their results Saturday

same here. I also sat for the test on 20th Aug,17. Other people who appeared for the exam along with me are able to see their ph score. But in my dashboard it is being shown that my result is still being processed… dunno what is happening… if the admins could clarify it would be of great help.

Which set did u get ? And where did u take the exam ?

i appeared for the exam in kolkata… dont remember the set exactly but as far as i can remember it was ‘A’

Mine was D. I took it in Bangalore. Let’s wait till tomorrow.

Same here.

Same here, please admins could clarify it , as soon as possible . is any problem please inform us .

Guy “18 working days” are not over yet. Remember, working days are Monday to Friday. Also there was 3-4 days holiday for Ganesh Chaturthi. So 18 days complete by September 15, approximately.

I really don’t understand how or in what order they process score.
I also took a test on August 20th from Kolkata (Set D) and got my scores on Septermber 1st.

All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

I took the test on 13 August from bhopal and not got my scores. I don’t know what is their process but it’s a long waiting and really don’t know what to do.

One of my friend was not having the original certificate during the test so may be that could be the reason for result being pending i think you have to verify your original document again.

I also appeared for exam on 20th in bangalore still waiting for the score .

What is process the used for declaring result , because some of our friend who appeared for the test on same date, who got the score ,and we are still not . Please admin provide us a valuable suggestion .