Vizuri 15 july Drive (2016 batch)

Has anyone got a call from vizuri or replicon or Rapidd yet? plz mention your %ile and batch also if possible

not yet

Your score n batch?

nothing yet
va - 99.52
ps - 74.52
qa - 99.20
2016 batch 61.89 %
dont know if i’ll get a call or not

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did u apply for vizury for its last may drive…?

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nothing yet.
va :50
QA: 98
Can I expect a call?

even i did not get a call with a score of

i think they will start calling process around 10 July. because last time,they started calling people just before 4-5 days of the actual interview date. though, at the last moment they cancelled the interview

yes but didnt get call at that time due to low score i guess.
what about you?

I got an interview call from vizury last time but this time i am not able to apply for the post. elitmus is telling me that they’ll consider my last application and will shortlist on that basis

is this ur score or percentile

What is your score??


HI Shehzad, same case for me. i got shortlisted for last drive and am not able to apply this time.
Are you sure they will consider our Application from last time?

Ya ,I also received interview call from vizury last month.Couldn’t able to apply for it again ,so I called them few days back ,they told me don’t worry ur candidature will be accepted automatically don’t do anything.


Most probably u’ll get a call

Did you receive a call from replicon??
And are you attending??

did anyone apply for Accenture which is on 15 th of july ??

Anybody got a call from vizury??