Urbanpro.com (ThinkVidya Learning Pvt. Ltd)


what are my chances of getting call from urbanpro.com

My scores are…

1.verbal : 78
2.problem solving : 26
3. qunt : -22

will I get call from urbanpro.com
or at least can I get call from another company


was that ur percentile or score???if percentile then u will not get any call.


my score is
verbal 26.30, 30%ile
problem solving 90, 99%ile
quant 60, 95%ile
will i get call from urbanpro or harman??


ya yu will get calls…


those are my score only…but u see clearly in qunt is -22 . so will I get call


i hv got 84.96,80.59,81.01 percentiles in verbal,quant &reasoning respectively. will i get a call from urbanpro.com??


ur score ?


hlo nishith, these r my score

  1. verbal : 78
  2. problem solving : 26
    3.Qunt : -22

can I get call from urbalpro or at leas any other company?


ya u will get calls …


sorry,kondandaiah u will not get calls,as u have negative score…