Unvired interview

how many of you have interview (non cs/it)

anyone got the call from unvired.

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Yeah! I got it

I’m from Non CS-IT branch, ECE was my branch. I didn’t get call for Unvired Interview. Did you get?

which branch

me from ECE, so probably got no call.

Iam from mechanical and I got call

Any one tell pls help
will i get a call from any one of the companies . If i have not confirmed my previous interview calls of these three companies . Becos it does stays forever on my dashboard . And i m not getting any calls

what was your score?

what was ur score bro???

bro,how had you prepared for quant and problem solving???

How many got selected in unvired

Arun sharma,

I have one query bro, have you got any interview call from other companies other than the three shown in the screenshot

yes… about 8-9more