Unable to update my resume

i am unable to update my resume or upload new resume
that drop down or click box dosnt work anymore…

yes…facing the same problem.

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I applied and just uploaded my resume. Its working fine.
Are you getting any error?
Try Drag and drop.

drag and drop is also not working

I am also facing the same problem.

I am facing same problem, even the data entered is not being saved.

I am facing the same issue

Yeah, unable to update resume. Hence not able to apply for jobs.

Can’t understand why you guys can’t upload.
I tried Chrome and Firefox and both worked.

Make sure your resume is less than 300 kB and only in DOCX/PDF format.

try in another browser.I was also facing the same problem.

clear your browser’s Cache and try again…It will work!

I can’t update my resume. Nothing works; neither click nor drag and drop. Help!

Its not working for me.
I cannot upload my resume.
Please help.

Clear cache, cookies and try.
or, login from incognito in chrome / private window in firefox and try.

I tried all the possible ways but my resume is not uploading