Tricon Infotech Technical Assessment

How many of you who gave the interview on 17th Aug, have got a call or email from Tricon about the Technical assessment from 28 Aug to 1st Sept? Have you received any mails regarding the same?

No mail . But I called them today, they said they will update the details soon … @avinash_3355709

you try to contact them today @avinash_3355709

Yes. Actually they called me yesterday to tell me about the assessment and they said that they will be sending the mail to clarify the doubts and the timings and all that. But haven’t received the mail yet. Have you?? @amit_3313719

No I haven’t receive any mail regarding the assessment but I called them today, but no mails yet . It will be better if you will call them today @avinash_3355709

Just received the mail @amit_3313719. I think you would also have received the same.

Oh great @avinash_3355709 best of luck

Yeah same to you @amit_3313719.

Do you know anything about the Technical assessment @avinash_3355709

I asked them but they told that it will be cleared there only. I don’t even know will they give offer to all seven of us not? Do you know anything about it @amit_3313719?

All seven people got the email for Technical assessment. @avinash_3355709

Yes they said that there were 7 of us for the technical assessment.

If you will get any information regarding technical assessment, please let me know @avinash_3355709

Yeah sure @amit_3313719

What is the plan for tomorrow @avinash_3355709

Do you know anyone else who is going for the technical assessment @avinash_3355709

No. This was the only reason that I created this thread. I thought people who were called will also reply but they haven’t. Gotta reach there by 10.00 am. That’s the only plan @amit_3313719.