Trainee - Analyst position at Principal Global Services Pvt. Ltd. in Pune

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Did any one got call for the interview to be held on 16th of march in pune the name of company is principal , if yes it would be great if you could share your score.

Hey! The interview is on 17th march in Pune?

Yes it is.
Did you got any call ?

The event date on the portal is 16th of march.

Yeah shortlisted for interview but did not get any call though.

Umm my status is still “APPLIED” , could you please share your score so i’ll get insight if the score is the reason i did not got shortlisted ?
It may also help others.

290… and You?
Also it is only for 2019 batch.

clearly score is the reason, you got a great score, i got around 160.
Anyways All the best for the interview.

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Did they release the results for the interview held on 17th march 2019?

They said that the results will be out in 7-10 days. So expecting the results tomorrow.

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Anyone got a call from the company?

Didnt get any offer or rejection notification yet.
Its already been 10 days.

hey, i did get a call on tuesday. further processes (info entry) are left.

Did they call you personally?
Or was it just a elitmus notification?

And congratulations .

Was it a mail or elitmus notification? Or did they call you personally.
And congratulations :slight_smile:

It was a call. i ll contact them again

I got a call from the HR department. No elitmus notification or mail.
AND thanks.
I think they will release some notification soon.

It was a call from the HR. (not a mail or elitmus notification)
And thanks.
Also, I think they will release some notification soon.

How was the interview and what did they ask. Can you please help me out with it.