Trainee - Analyst position at Principal Global Services Pvt. Ltd. in Pune

Did any one got call for the interview to be held on 16th of march in pune the name of company is principal , if yes it would be great if you could share your score.

Hey! The interview is on 17th march in Pune?

Yes it is.
Did you got any call ?

The event date on the portal is 16th of march.

Yeah shortlisted for interview but did not get any call though.

Umm my status is still “APPLIED” , could you please share your score so i’ll get insight if the score is the reason i did not got shortlisted ?
It may also help others.

290… and You?
Also it is only for 2019 batch.

clearly score is the reason, you got a great score, i got around 160.
Anyways All the best for the interview.

Did they release the results for the interview held on 17th march 2019?

They said that the results will be out in 7-10 days. So expecting the results tomorrow.

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Anyone got a call from the company?

Didnt get any offer or rejection notification yet.
Its already been 10 days.

hey, i did get a call on tuesday. further processes (info entry) are left.

Did they call you personally?
Or was it just a elitmus notification?

And congratulations .

Was it a mail or elitmus notification? Or did they call you personally.
And congratulations :slight_smile:

It was a call. i ll contact them again

I got a call from the HR department. No elitmus notification or mail.
AND thanks.
I think they will release some notification soon.

It was a call from the HR. (not a mail or elitmus notification)
And thanks.
Also, I think they will release some notification soon.

How was the interview and what did they ask. Can you please help me out with it.