ThoughtClan a startup?

any one of heard of it before? please share your thoughts.


Yes it is a start up…
Read the first line in 'About the company’
You can find 2 interview experience in Glassdoor.

ThoughtClan is a start up. And as far as I’ve heard, it’s one of the best start ups in Bangalore. One of my seniors used to work there. They’re into Analytics, ML and all the hot trending stuff. Being a mid-size start up, they might have their own constraints, but if you’re looking to upskill in a few trending tech streams, it’s a good choice. If you get a chance to work there, you should pursue it!
All the best! :smile:


So you are applying (?)

Thanks for the info. Do you know what’s the interview process?

Ya. Applied already. Waiting to get shortlisted.

I will also apply.
All the best! :slight_smile:

Yeah. Applied. Competitive is what I’ve heard. Let’s see!

Glassdoor only has two entries. And both of them didn’t get in! That should tell us about the difficulty.
Not sure what the process is like but I can tell you it will be pretty hard.
So think tricky aptitude questions and/or medium-hard puzzles.

Just got the interview call on 21st Jan at elitmus office,just check ur mail

attended. They asked me 3 coding questions. Interview lasted for 1and a half hour. despite solving 2 and barely another half of the coding part, had to hear “YOU CAN LEAVE FOR THE DAY!”

How is the first round and what are the three programming questions?

does anyone get the interview call from thoughtClan???

Not yet.