Those who got the mail from Accenture after Game test...The link is opening or not..?

Those who got the mail pls reply …

Yeah, I got the same mail but the link is not working.

I also got the mail but link is not working.

What is your score in software engineering section

This mail is for those who attended 7 th Jan interview process .

I have also got the mail. But its not working.

Na bruh, just a registration link to capture the eligible candidate details from Accenture end. Even I got the mail though having interview on 15th.

It’s written in the form 7th Jan process .Did u get the form with 15 Jan interview process?

Though date is not mentioned but this is what they have mentioned in the mail:

We are reaching out to you as you have been identified as an eligible candidate for the Accenture in India campus hiring process.
As the next step of the process, we request you to provide your educational details in the link provided below in the next 24 hours.

Open that link at the top they have mentioned the interview drive date

I have also got the mail with same information. But while opening the link its showing ‘SORRY WE CANT FIND THAT PAGE’

Is the link that you got is still working?

Bro,link is not working.

Wait bro it will be activated in few hours

Bhai link hi toh nahi khul raha hai…wohi toh bol rahe hai…

The link they have mentioned in that mail is not working it shows 404 page not found error.
This mail is for those students who attended game test and are invited to take part the interview process.

is a elmination round for u

guys i got a mail and there the status is rejected

me too status is rejected. that mean we are not selected for further rounds???

what r ur top three traits

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my software development score was 37%, i don’t know on which basis they gave these percentages, and my top trait was quality assurance 99%