The road less travelled



I am Rahul, I did my engineering from Rungta college in Bhilai of 2017 batch.

Here is the problem statement I am currently working on

  • eLitmus hired stellar resources in distant past. Work atmosphere was amazing. Create it again rather journey began two years ago - accelerate it. Great people create great workplaces !! I personally met an eLitmus alumni working for Amazon who said eLitmus was more fun and challenging to work for and his colleagues at Amazon are no match !!

  • In the quest for growth, we had lowered the bar and needless to say it diluted excellence at eLitmus. In the last two years, the process for raising it again started. I need to further up the bar significantly.

  • Prove to the world that Millennial do not run after money only. They are forced to look at salary as most of the companies do not offer attractive work content. After all some of the best brains in their 30s/40s/50s are working with Delhi Government to solve the education puzzle without charging a Rupee. So do not only get great folks to work for eLitmus but then work with managers to ensure that they are always stretched and create a workplace they fall in love with.

So where do I begin? At eLitmus, we have two frameworks we use for problem-solving. Cannot get into details as they are proprietary to us. One of the points is that when you do not have a solution - use brute force (lots of hard work). Over a period of time use learnings and optimise.

In phase 1, needless to say, I contacted tens of colleges and as predicted by my mentor - zero hires. But there were a lot of learnings which resulted in I asking myself questions like - Where will these candidates be? How do I reach out to them? Why should they join eLitmus? How do we make our evaluation process objective and ensure it gets us the right kind of talent? I continue to burn mid night oil to come up with a hypothesis and then prove/disprove it through implementation or dipstick surveys/ implementations. One of them being that we need to tell our story to our future colleagues - as objectively as possible. Hence writing this note and asking colleagues to do the same. Needless to say, it is frustrating as no one is there to tell the next steps. After all how many times in life one has picked up assignments which are risky and success is not guaranteed. I invite you folks, to join this crazy journey where we do not have a route but we know we will succeed :slight_smile: As the song goes - "we shall overcome … " or in Hindi "Hum honge kamyaab … " .

I need your suggestions. Do share your thoughts in comments below on how can I find the right candidate eLitmus is looking for.

Few quick links to alumni of eLitmus

Venkat Inumella - Despite being from tier 3 engineering college, made it to Chicago Booth and is now Associate Partner with McKinsey

Sandeep Desai - Original architect of pH Test. Built a large business multi-million dollar portfolio for his startup employer over the last decade in the US

Manoj Bykadi - budding restaurant entrepreneur. In less than 4 years has his second restaurant in his chain

Praveen Hatti - despite poor marks in engineering made it to IIM-A and is today an entrepreneur running Unplan. On records saying - learnt more at eLitmus than IIM-A