The applied link

i’ve applied for many job i haven’t never shortlisted and never not shortlisted! Is there any problem with my page or something else?

same here. All my job statuses are still applied. Not even “not short listed”.

How is your score and academics?

It happens. Most of the time companies will not call you and status stays Applied.
Applied is much better than Not Shortlisted.
In the former case, the company will consider you in their next drive. In the latter you will never be considered!

My stats are as followed -
5 Applied
4 Not Shortlisted
4 Attended
1 Declined

My total score is 130 and i have above 80% through out my academics. Yet, not even a single status of mine is even “not-shortlisted”. All of them display “Applied”. Even the ones i applied 3 months ago. This is really weird! I know its not such a great score to get short listed but Even “not shortlisted” would be a good signal just to see some kind of response!

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Haha sure i got 174 still not selected or even status wouldn’t disappear , i think there is a curse behind me (mechanical engineer).

Same with me I have score of 172.5 and in majority of companies my status is applied and two of companies show not shortlisted , I am too a mechanical engineer.
I have not got even a single call till now