Technical Job Opportunity

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In my Elitmus, I scored :
Verbal : 82.62 percentile
Reasoning : 79.79 percentile
Quantitative : 96.6 percentile
What are my chances getting shortlisted?

Your Scores look good, You should get calls from companies. Start applying btw how have you prepared for Quants section?

thanks. I focused on 2-3 main topics.

Your score is good. Can you please mention those 2-3 main topics?

Permutation and combination, probability, functins and geometry.

I scored:
Quantitative: 88.24
Problem Solving: 96.44
Verbal: 59.84

Total: 153.8
I don’t know why my scores are less in verbal. Infact I was more confident and attempted more questions in verbal compared to Quant and PS combined.
What are my chances for the same.?
Is there any minimum threshold that one should clear in each section.?

There is no mininum marks…

80% Overall is suggested to get calls from most companies. You should try and consider the option of retaking the exam.

My scores make 81% overall. Will it be good.?
Also I have a query.
Where will the Interview location be.?
On Jobs page it shows the event location as Bangalore,Chennai,Delhi.etc while its office is situated in Bangalore only.
On the Job Details Page, nothing is mentioned about the Event location.

In every post, job location is also there…

I am not querying about Job location. I am asking about the INTERVIEW location.

You can see right now. It shows Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune. These as the event locations. But I am not sure since the company is in Bangalore.
Also I don’t want to waste this opportunity. Hence I need to know beforehand whether the INTERVIEW location will be DELHI or not.?

There is option preffered location which we need to choose…