Technical and coding rounds suggestion

Hello guys, I am 2014-18 batch students .So please give me some suggestions to prepare myself for coding and technical rounds for MNCs as well as state companies.

For coding,
Start practicing on GeeksForGeeks. You will find almost all types of coding questions there. You can check company-wise coding questions.
You should also practice on HackerRank and take part in the coding contests.
You will become familiar with the online IDE.

For technical rounds, the most important chapter is Data Structures & Algorithms. Study it very well and clear your concepts on all the data structures, algorithms and their time complexities.
And keep revising concepts of C, Java, OOPS.

You have time in your hands so prepare well. You will get a lot of opportunities in the future.
All the best! :slight_smile:

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Brother tell me …when the opportunities will start for me.

It will start soon.
Check the job section, you will find Attivo Networks and Harman taking 2018 batch.

More companies will hire 2018 after the semester exams are over. So by June/July you will see many drives for your batch.