Team : Corporate Sales | Experience : 2 to 6 years | Role: B2B Sales

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At eLitmus we have been too busy building awesome products and ensuring all customer deliveries are nothing but excellent. This has ensured that since 2010 all our customer sign ups have been though inward queries (where in eLitmus was referred by existing customers to next).

While we are proud of that, we equally know that many companies do not go looking out for solutions but sign up ones who come knocking. To tap into such customers, we are looking for high calibre multi-dimensional candidates.

At eLitmus our approach is to understand our customer and provide an optimum solution rather than pushing a one shoe fit all solution. We would rather let a customer go than deliver a solution not beneficial for a customer in long run. At times we have directed customer queries to our competitors. We are convinced the Karmik good one does, come back. We know if you were a blue blooded sales professional you would be having a smirk and wondering is it possible to do that? Well we walk our talk. So better beware rather than pass it off a good pitch to onboard talent. Still worse we expect our sales professionals to be SMEs rather than just glib talkers or relationship managers. This means at one end you can sit with a customer’s CEO and talk key levers of his/her business and at the other end engage a very junior professional in customer hierarchy on transactional issues. Your work does not end with customer getting signed up. You need to ensure the customer gets what is most beneficial for them.

If you are not scared by now and open to a challenge of earning your significant compensation in bonus against successful customer onboardings - do write to us at sales+job+at+eLitmus [at] gmail [dot] com

PS : We have openings across levels