Team : Corporate Delivery | Experience : 2-4 years | Roles : Sr Business Associate/ Team Lead

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This opportunity is with Customer Success Team. To read more about what this team does click here

About you

Do you have following traits

  • Passion for numbers
  • Perfection is what you seek (can improve whatever you deliver yourself)
  • Vociferous reader of Tech related blogs, pink papers, management literature, books by corporate honchos etc
  • Find your way at work without putting a lot at risk (explorer/ discoverer/ inventor)
  • Would not do your MBA as you have figured out the course has its origin in training Engineers who were not good enough to be natural leaders/ business managers
  • At the same time, you know the job you do after an MBA requires basic life skills and you are sharp enough to learn it along the way, rather than waste two years of your youth studying for it
  • Last but not the least, you are technology literate - preferably should have coded at some point in life, but not mandatory

If yes, then we have a job which is custom made for you. Yes the standard disclaimer - the selection process is rigorous, starting from a series of aptitude tests followed by interviews to evaluate your thinking capabilities and excellence demonstrated in your existing job.

About the role

  • You will start off as an individual contributor in corporate delivery team of eLitmus.
  • Role involves ensuring customer success and going the whole nine yards for it including -
    • Understanding the customer and customer requirement
    • Designing a solution which will best suite the customer (at times suggesting selection rounds as well)
    • Market the job to the right candidate set
    • Help customer with future steps to close their position
    • In summary ensure customer delight so that they refer more customers to you. We as a company do not sell our services to companies (they all approach us)
  • Few things you need to know to be successful in this role
  • eLitmus believes knowledge / services industry is all about people. If a business gets right talent it will outperform its competition. No wonder, companies which use eLitmus outperform their peer group
  • To design good solutions you need to have a very strong market intelligence. This means you should be good at befriending people and gather market intelligence
  • Example eLitmus had two analytics companies serving the BFSI vertical as its customers. While the first customer had banks looking up to them for innovation the second customer had banks looking up to them to provide resources. So we lined up candidates who could innovate and understand real life business situations fast for first company with great communciation skills while for second we lined up the more persevarant ones who love to sit on their chair and tinker with tools & code.
  • You should have a knack to learn from previous assignments and implement continuous improvements in future ones
  • Future roles would include stints with test operations , sales & marketing and in 3 years time frame buidling business lines from scratch

In summary a great role for good techies who do not want to code but want to stay abreast of latest in technology


A good candidate can hope to earn more than the indicative range as the position has bonus component


  • 2012/2013/2014 batch BE/BTech (any branch)
  • A minimum of 22 months of working experience (24 months at time of joining)
  • Great pH score (people without pH Score will undergo an extra round of test)

Job location


Salary Offered

Rs.500000/- to Rs.800000/-

Experience required

2 Years to 4 Years