Tata electronics

i have applied for tata electronics and the process is on 10 th march, do i need to appear for the pH test on my own or they or you will notify to appear.
Please confirm at the earliest.


i wanted to ask the same question

Me too have the same question. Do you get any response on the same?

do anyone got any mail regarding ph test as the drive date mentioned was tomorrow

guys any one got mail???

After Submitting the application, do we apply for pH test on our own or will we get a notification from your team.

Have you applied for pH test, or waiting for further communication. Kindly let me know at the earliest.

Same Query Here.

Tata electronics test was done on 3rd March .Has anyone got results?

I haven’t got any information. Had you appeared for pH test on your own or company had given separate test link for same.

Myself had applied for pH test.

But company had conducted technical test from their end.

Did u attend that technical test??

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Guys, should we need to write a separate pH test or we will get link from them automatically if we had applied for the drive?


How much percentile you got in your pH test?

now its showing drive is on 27 march , what should I do there is no pH yest before that date.

Do we require passcode for this also?

do you have any passcode?
because there is no regular ph test available and special ph test is required

Same, I didn’t receive any passcode, contacted placement office too. Is there any way to get the code?