Tasks approved in Accenture portal more than 5?

Guys does any body have the approved tasks more than 5??

If anyone please reply?

yeah. 12 got approved and reference they rejected as i didn’t mention anything.

Yea for me also same

But in my case 5 got approved and 8 submitted. how does yours get rejected.??

@vikash_3195211 i also got my referance rejected.I got the prior employment rejected as well.I don’t know why.Can you tell me what to fill in that.

You need to give your college placement officers names as professional references.

@gadamsetti_3248634 thanks.And what do i have to fill in prior employment.I chose no for both options

If you haven’t been employed elsewhere than you had to select no, or else provide details.

Prior employment rejected,as in?

Do you have an existing offer from some other company?

@gadamsetti_3248634 i have not been employed anywhere.Then why are they rejecting my application?

May be they’ll send a mail.

@gadamsetti_3248634 I also applied for the operations drive but i didn’t get the call. Do i have to mention that?

No not needed. Do you have an offer from any other company?

I have no idea about employment but what did you enter in reference ?

@gadamsetti_3248634 no i don’t have any other offers.

@vikash_3195211 you can give either the details of your placement officer or any other professional reference you have got.

Then there is no reason, why your prior employment form has to be rejected.

When do you think, we’ll be getting our call letters?

@gadamsetti_3248634 no idea