Surya Software Pvt. Ltd

Is der anyone who can tell me about the interview procedure of Surya Software Pvt. Ltd…
Reply as soon as possible…
My interview is scheduled to be on 27 nov

how much u scored in elitmus???

@shridhar_3149082 Hi,I got a call too for 27th nov. The procedure is given on e-litmus site itself, just check it out. The 1st round is coding test tommorrow.

Hey shubham…
I was not able to find d procedure on site…
Plz send me d link…
And tomorrow test we have to give online from itself or need to be present at d venue?

Accept the invitation for online coding test and write it. If you’re selected then you’ll be mailed with instructions for f2f interview

@akshay_3103835 Hi,do you also know what kind of questions they ask on coding round, any specific topics.

Any specific topic…?
Plz send

back tracking, string matching, graphs etc

mostly on algorithms itself

I also got call for today!!

can anyone share their experience in test they faced in surya software pvt lt ?
i am from electronics background . i am not at good at c language . can u share the difficulty level ?