Surya Software online coding challenge

Is anybody able to login on for the test. It’s 6:08 PM still not able to login .

No same problem here.

Same problem

Same here. :frowning:

it’s working now.

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How to participate in the surya software online coding challenge?

i was able to complete 1 program only
any chances ??

@vipul_3122219 just hope for the best … :slight_smile:

I completed all the 3 programs. It was written that there will be only two question but it differed.

Anybody know when the final interview calls will be sent?

Did all of us have same 3 questions?
mine were:
Dishes in a hotel
feed me &
greedy businessman

@abhishek_2857014 yes

have anybody of you here knows anything about the results??

results are out.

I have received a mail regarding my shortlisting for the interview on 9th

date change for interview

How good is this company? Is it actually going to offer 9 LPA?

@himanshu_3044123 Yes even I’m concerned regarding that. In glassdoor it says the company pays just 18k PM. Also the reviews seem to be really poor.

@himanshu_3044123 Don’t take those posts seriously , You will know what salary you will get after your interview is finished and then you will have the choice of whether you want to take the job or not , there are better things to focus on at the moment ,like the interview .

True that, still looking out for detailed info