Sure Waves Media

Anyone got call from sure waves



What’s ur score bro

verbal 92
quant 94
lr 87


what’s ur score? is there anyone who have got call with score of 200 or less

its your score or percentile…mine score is 200,quant-80,ps-60,ver-60…what is my chance bro

I’ve got a call.
QA-80, PS-56, VA-94.
These are percentiles…

my score is
quant-80 98.85
ps-60 96
ver 60 68
I haven’t got call men…what could be reason

No idea, bro.

I had got a call .My total marks are 180.

Can anyone please tell me what type of questions are asked in tech round of SureWave media.

I mean to say in 1st round…