Skipping the interviews

Are there any issues if i get shortlisted for but skip the interviews??

Well there are two things to it

  1. You get shortlisted and then you choose not to attend the interview and let eLitmus know that you won’t attend by declining the interview call on eLitmus website.

  2. You get shortlisted and then Accept the interview call but do not attend the interview.

In the first scenario ideally there is no harm done but, they allow you to decline calls from a particular company only twice, after which you will not be shortlisted for any upcoming drives for that Company. you will get the status as “Interview Decline 1” and “Interview Decline 2” accordingly.

Second scenario, they say that if you do this 3 times your ID will be blocked and you will not be able to apply for any upcoming drives after that.
You will see a status as No Show for that Drive, and that Company would probably not call you in the next drive.(they might but if you have a very Good Score).

Also any request for change in status for the Drives would be brutally declined, Does not matter if you missed the interview because you met an accident. If you were not there you were not there.

So Decline the interview if you are not going for it. Save those 3 “No shows” for the worst case.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Absolutely. Very much helpful. Thank you brother.

what if accept the interview got selected and then decline the job offer.

What if i dont accept the interview and did not attend it ?

what will happen if i dont respond after getting shortlisted?