Should I take eLitmus since I have less grad score?

I have 85%+ in both 10th and 12th. But my grad score is 55%. Will I get calls if I score 80 percentile in all sections? Or will my grad score stop me from getting any calls?

Hi Abdul,
While most of the companies have 60% cut-offs, there are definitely companies which do not have the same.
If you score 85 to 90 percentile, you will surely get calls.
Aim to score 90+ in all sections to maximize you chances.

What might be the no of calls i can expect if I do score above 80%ile. Assuming out of 10 how many calls I might get?

If you score 80+, you can get 8/10 calls if you apply to the right job for you satisfy the eligibility criteria.
But I suggest you apply for all the jobs available.