Should i retake the exam?

Hi,my name is Mounika. I had done my M.Tech in VLSI. B.Tech in ECE. i am interested in doing software job and i learned Dot Net.
My elitmus score is as follows:
Problem Solving-----0.00----------38.38
what is the chances of getting calls from MNCs??
Should i retake the exam? how can i increase my score ? please tell me the topics? and which material should i follow to score more?please help me by telling the topics and material …i would be great full for you …

Your current score is not high enough to get a call from MNCs.
You need at least 80 percentile in all three sections.

Your Quantative score is good since you have 86 percentile.
You need to work on Problem Solving and Verbal

First I would like to tell you that, Negative marking is very dangerous in eLitmus. Do NOT attempt question if you do not know. Its not necessary to do all questions.

Doing 3-4 correct in Problem Solving will get you a good percentile.
For Verbal, you need to do 8-10 correct.

For Problem Solving there are different parts-

  • Data Sufficiency (A problem is given and 2 statements, you have to check which gives answer etc. Very tough and confusing. I did not prepare this.)

  • Data Interpretation (Bars, charts, graphs are given, you have to understand them and answer questions)
    You can study for this part from Arun Sharma Book. You can download the book here-

  • Puzzles (Some type of game or events with missing data is given. You have to solve and answer questions.)

  • Cryptarithmetic (3x3 multiplication of unknown is given. You have to find out the numbers. Looks tough but very easy.)
    It looks very tough and impossible. But check the tutorial and practice. It will take 2-3 days of dedication to do it easily.
    You can find a tutorial here-
    Cryptarithmetic Tutorial – ElitmusZone

You can find cryptharithmetic questions from elitmus exam here (Practice as many questions as you can. Keep trying even if it takes 2 hours for one question. You will slowly learn and will be able to do it in 10 minutes). -

You can practice mock test here-

For Verbal
There will be 3 comprehension passage. Attempt only the 2 short ones and leave the longer ones. Read it carefully 1-2 times then answer the questions.
Next will be fill in the blanks and parajumbles
You can find some questions here-

You can also practice in this website-

Here is a collection of CAT solved and sample papers with answers. You will get questions from all the section here-
Try solving as many questions as you can without looking the the solutions.

Do not worry. You can do it!
It will need some time and dedication.
Relax and stay calm during the exam.
Prepare well!

All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you sir.

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i have one more doubt… that if i retake the exam once again and if i score less than 86 in quantitative aptitude … which score will they consider?

Overall your best score will be considered.
If, God forbid, you do bad in your retest. You first(better) score will be considered.

But companies can see all your scores and attempts. So it is recommended you take not more than 3 tries.

ok. thank you sir

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I got 85+ percentile on both ps and quant…but i got very less in verbal i.e,26 percentile…is there any chances to get a job through elitmus?

I am not sure about this. But 26 is very low.
You have to get at least 70 percentile.

i have apti 92.2,logical 79.57 and verbal 62.2 %ile
will i be getting calls or i should retake the exam?

I think your scores are good. You might get a call since apti and logical are good.
Apply for jobs. If you are CSE, there is higher chance of selection.

Your current score is not enough, but you can retake eLitmus anytime by practicing well … for that you need to focus on each section, as each section has an individual percentile and it should be at least 80 percentile to get a call from MNCs. You can take the mock test from below website, and check your percentile,

q4interview .com/exam_tests.php?e=1&cat=10
q4interview. com/exam_tests.php?e=1&cat=16

In above comment lot of good website are listed, practice from there also… so that you can cove all type of question, one thing is very sure that very rarely you will get any question from any of these websites, but you can check your preparation, by taking a mock test.
All the Best !!