Shortlisting to the companies regardless of our selection history

I have applied to many companies and have received calls from more… But i havent attended the interview. Now i want to attend to the companies that i will be shortlisted… Will this history of mine effect in shortlisting me to the companies ???

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Depends if you have accept the interview and didn’t appear for interview
And there is more than 3 "no show"
Then you might not receive further more calls except mass recruiting

Thank you … in such a case, will writing the exam again help me get out of it???
R is there any other alternative …

Just contact in Elitmus Office because they might have blacklisted your id’s

No. Try contacting elitmus.
But make sure that u can attend on the specified date( if selected) before applying for any company. If u get the interview call and for some reasons can’t attend it, then decline it giving appropriate reason(they might call u for future drives, but avoid doing it because u are denying opportunity for others ). But if u confirm that you will attend and not show up( max 3 times they say) then they will start blacklisting u. I’ve known ppl getting blacklisted and they created new accounts to apply but elitmus filtered them and they were banned.

No,if you try to attempt elitmus with different I’d then you will be blacklisted. And if you try than they will check the original mark sheets which will be same.